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The attention span of today’s kids is becoming shorter than ever before. Much of this is due to the internet and the rate we can send and receive information. Furthermore, many of the educational systems around the world have yet to implement many of the new tools the internet provides to make teaching more engaging for these children. As a result of these things, children are becoming bored more easily in the classroom!

Master Plaster The Storytelling Magician, through his unique style of magic, storytelling, and songs will help you reengage the children. Master Plaster will take the kids on a hour long magical journey where reality starts to become confused with fantasy! During this short journey the kids will learn new aspects of creativity and how to think outside the box, and be anything but bored!

If you would like to book Master Plaster for your next in person on virtual school event, scroll down to our calendar section and reach out to us! We would love to hear from you!

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What to expect from Author Visit?

Virtual school author visits are a growing trend in education, as schools and teachers work to encourage students to read. There are many benefits of bringing an author into the classroom that range from language arts to science, resource management and even building community on campus. While there’s no hard and fast rule for virtual school book tours, it’s important for schools and teachers to know what to expect before, during and after the visit so everyone gets the most out of it.


Master Plaster’s Virtual Author Visits allow your students to virtually join a live video chat with Master Plaster. It is unique in its kind that allows students to communicate directly in real time using Telephone, Skype, or other VOIP services. It is highly beneficial as it helps participants interact directly with the author and fires their imagination about language learning!

School Author Visit Cost

Trying to figure out how much a virtual school author visit costs? The following outlines average pricing for virtual school book visits. You also can learn about other components of the cost, based on hours, and no. of class Master Plaster will perform in.


What to expect from Author Visit?

Master Plaster will combine storytelling, singing, and magic into all of his performances. With nearly 50 original stories, songs, and animation, there is something everyone will enjoy.


Think of a Master Plaster performance as bringing Disneyland to your classroom!

School Author Visit Cost

A Shanghai author visit costs 10,000 RMB and includes:


  • A promotional video to pump up students about the visit
  • Posters for school, Advertisement flyers
  • Group presentation
  • Book signing, Q&A, and many hilarious group photos

    For schools outside Shanghai visit cost 12,000 CNY + Travel & Lodging expenses

How to Book a Visit?

Set a booking below or email me at todd_plaster@yahoo.com with your date and time request. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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School Visit Info

Program Guidelines

  • Once you decide on what theme or books you’d like to Master Plaster to present on your school, contact us at least a week to months prior to the scheduled appearance.
  • Prepare the students you can read and discuss Master Plaster’s books and build up excitement around the visit. Make sure you have their books available in the library, and invite children to design posters or book covers to create displays.

Tips to get the most out of my visit

  1. Read and display my books ahead of my arriving; in the library or in the classrooms.
  2. Pick a book or two that has a particular theme and create an activity/unit around it.
  3. Put up some posters or flyers about my visit in in the classroom or school.
  4. Have the kids dress up in a theme
  5. Hold a contest for students to win an autographed book—or a to win a DIY during my presentation.
  6. Talk to your class and discuss the visit and what your students enjoyed most. You may like to write individual or class letters to thank Master Plaster

Appearance Details

  1. Any expenses for long-distance transportation, lodging, and meals are the responsibility of the host unless otherwise agreed.
  2. Master Plaster limits his presentations at three per day
  3. If an event requires travel, a two-day minimum is preferred.
  4. Presentations can be divided between multiple locations if the host provides transportation.
  5.  Master Plaster is willing to negotiate his fee on occasion.