Master Plaster Magical Shoelaces Song

Master Plaster Magical Shoelaces Song

Introducing the “Magical Shoelaces Song,” a delightful creation by Master Plaster. This enchanting tune is more than a sing-along; it’s a gateway to a world where education meets magic. Specifically designed for preschool children, the “Magical Shoelaces Song” serves as the theme for “The Magic Shoelaces Story,” blending learning and fun in a unique way.


To explore the magic further, engage with our Read Aloud video of “The Magic Shoelace Story.” Additionally, you can discover the secrets of the Self Tying Shoelace Magic Trick in our Kids Learning Show. For more captivating content, don’t miss the Master Plaster Playlist, where each element complements the “Magical Shoelaces Song,” offering a complete magical experience.


At Master Plaster, we are passionate about inspiring children through the fusion of magic and storytelling. Our collection, including the “Magical Shoelaces Song,” showcases over 50 captivating stories and products. Furthermore, our innovative STEAMagic curriculum marks just the beginning of our journey to make learning magical.


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Join us in the magical world of the “Magical Shoelaces Song,” a Master Plaster Original that brings joy and education to children. Lastly, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks for being part of our magical journey.


Song Lyrics

Paul had a problem, and nobody knew

He was so awkward, all fingers and thumbs

He just got some sneakers, the latest craze

But he couldn’t tie the laces when they were undone


It embarrassed him so, in front of his friends

When he´d ask his mum if she would tie his laces

They’d giggle and snigger and make him feel bad

Till he couldn’t bear to look at their laughing faces


So one day he decided, he´d had enough

And he went to the garbage to throw away his shoes

When a little old man shouted, Paul, don’t be hasty

I´ve some magical laces here you can use


I´ve seen this before, so many cases

So I´ve invented these magical laces

They’ve come to the rescue in so many places

Like football and baseball, and runners in races

Now Paul knew he´d quickly need to decide

But if they didn’t work, at least he’d have tried

So he put on the laces, and with eyes opened wide

In under a second, they were magically tied


Now Paul was so happy he couldn’t wait to go

Out with his friends, to join in the fun

The little old man with his magic laces

Meant that pauls shoes would never come undone