Master Plaster Quest For Magic Flower Pot Song


Song Lyrics


Captain Dandelion hates flowers and summer breezes

Cause it means all day he just scratches and sneezes

So he´s been on a quest for weeks, days and hours

To find the magic flower pot, and kill all the flowers



Now flowers are important to the world, you see

Because without them there´s no honey, from the bumble bees

They make the world so pretty, and they smell so nice

The magic flower pot really was a marvelous device


So Asia, Ribby and Chuckles too

Realised at once what they had to do

They´d follow the map, the magic flower pot to find

And leave Capt. Dandelion, miles behind




So the kids travelled far until at last, success

They found the magic flower pot at the end of their quest

Then they planted flowers, maybe a million or more

So we´d all have pretty flowers for ever more